Doula Support

Mommy Monitor is working in partnership with OCAMA Collective to offer free doula services to Black mothers/parents in Ontario. If you are interested in receiving this service, fill out an intake or email:

Mental Health Support

We are thrilled to be offering free counselling sessions with Tricia Cooper (MSW, RSW) for Black parents. Tricia is a clinical therapist with over 10 years supporting women, children and families seeking support for mental health issues and opportunities for growth. Parents will be able to share their experiences, gain support and explore mental health services for black mental health. One-on-one sessions will be provided on a monthly basis. Group sessions will also be offered on the last Monday of every month. Interested parents can schedule their session here:

Birth Trauma Counselling can also be provided through an alternate therapist if needed, in extreme cases (i.e; obstetric violence).

Database of Black Maternal Health Professionals in Ontario

We are building a database of Black birth workers and clinicians (physicians and midwives etc), in addition to other experts that work in the maternal health sector ( If you are a professional that would like to add your information to our database, please complete the following registration form. If you are a parent that would like to be referred to one of the professionals for their services, use our intake form (available in the resources section) to request their service.

Birth Justice Workshop

Our Birth Justice workshops are grounded in the understanding that the core component of reproductive justice is birthing rights, and these rights only exist when all women/parents/parents to be are empowered preconception, during pregnancy, labor childbirth and postpartum to make healthy informed decisions.

We offer free workshops throughout Toronto for various organizations and we also provide workshops for organizations that invite us. Workshops are 2 hours in length, and include education on different topics, opportunities to ask questions and a discussion period. We offer 13 different workshops (workshops for clinicians is also offered) which all focus on various issues and common questions that parents may have.

We also offer various birth justice workshops on a monthly basis online. If you are interested in being a part of these workshops or having specialized workshops for your team or organization, email us at for more information.

Navigation of Maternal Health Services

We provide parents with support identifying services they may need to support them and clinicians or birth professionals that can be their providers during pregnancy or for postpartum care. If you have questions about your postpartum care or any other health outcomes/concerns and need to speak to a clinician we also offer email or phone support. We work extremely hard to ensure the referrals are successful, however, there is no guarantee that we will be able to connect parents to providers each time, but we will try our very best to make sure they do not leave our services without support. If you are a parent that needs a midwife, doula or physician during pregnancy we ask that you fill out the intake form available in the resource section.

Outreach/Information Workshops

We conduct outreach throughout the GTA and have facilitators available to provide workshops on general information about Mommy Monitor and our activities.


At Mommy Monitor we believe in the importance of research that is race based to ensure that we identify the root causes of inequity in maternal health care in Canada and globally. We are currently implementing and completing five studies that we will share through our website during 2020-2021. If you have any questions about the studies or want to know more about them, email us at