Jessica Palmquist, CD, CYT, BEd, MEd


Doula, Yoga Teacher, Meditation Facilitator
Turquoise Compass Wellness
17068 Myers Road, St Andrews West, ON, K0C 2A0
Catchment Area:
Eastern Ontario / Cornwall, ON/ Ottawa, ON

Jessica Palmquist (she/her) is passionate about supporting individuals and families as they navigate through calm and stormy seas to create their own unique story. She understands unique family dynamics and non-traditional work schedules and is flexible and creative in her individualized wrap-around support approach.

As a full spectrum Doula, she provides clients with evidence based information, holistic wellness education, emotional support, physical support, and tailors support to clients needs and wants. Her hope is that her clients can flow through the new chapters in their life with as much grace and ease as possible. Jessica works as a Fertility Coordinator and Doula Instructor for an internationally recognized Doula vocational school. Jessica is a lifelong learner constantly upgrading her skillset and in her spare time can be found going on adventures with her family, traveling, and getting creative by making custom Malas.

Perinatal and Family Care:

Jessica offers IVF, Fertility, Birth, Postpartum, and Loss Doula support, yoga, wellness, and education services to individuals and families in Cornwall, ON, Ottawa, ON, and Eastern Ontario.