Supporting Your Emotional and Mental Wellness Over the Holidays

Supporting Your Emotional and Mental Wellness Over the Holidays

By: Nicki Reid, Bilingual BA


Mama, how are you? No REALLY, how are YOU?

If you are dealing with feelings of anxiety after the announcement of another new variant, compounded by the already present stress of the holiday season, then I am here to tell you that you are not alone. But, it’s important to keep in mind that stress negatively impacts us on so many different levels. For starters, it weakens your immune system, so it’s important that you take care of yourself. Here are some tips on how to prioritize and support your own well-being this holiday season. 

Listen To Your Body

Full transparency: While this has been one of my better Fall seasons in terms of not feeling depressed, I have to be honest, November took me OUT! Between the seasonal change, the time change, everything going on in the world, life itself, and health challenges - everything put together zapped me of my energy. So, what did I do? 

Living in integrity is one of my core values, so I did what I would have told one of my clients to do; I listened to my body and rested (for a good portion of the month too)! Prior to November, I was working out 6 days a week, but in November, I didn’t work out until the last Thursday of the month and it felt GOOD. Sure, I felt guilty and had a lot of mental chatter around “losing my progress,” but I worked through it because I know first hand how valuable rest is.

During my hiatus from my fitness regimen, I focused on nourishing my body. The weekend of the time change, I visited my chiropractor and he recommended Vitamin D (which I was already taking) and magnesium, which I promptly picked up (I was grateful for the reminder that I needed to restock) to help me adjust to the time change. I also picked up a B-Complex supplement (which I’ve been meaning to pick up forever). Adding those vitamins to my wellness arsenal changed the game for me and helped me get back to feeling like myself! 

All of that to say, check in with yourself to determine what your needs are and listen to what your body is telling you!

Set Boundaries Both Offline and Online

In last month’s blog I briefly touched upon boundaries and the importance of getting familiar with what yours are when it comes to in-person gatherings; this is also very much applicable to interactions in the online world as well. Create an environment that will enable your mental and emotional well-being to thrive, UNAPOLOGETICALLY. Unfriend/unfollow, block, etc. whichever accounts you're prompted to. Personally, I have been living by this, purging both my digital and physical space of people, mindsets, things, etc. that are no longer serving me. I now feel good when I hop online. Mamas. protect your mental space at ALL costs!

Connect with Your Breath

Finally, I want to leave you with a tool to help support you; a mini awareness breathing meditation. If you think meditation is daunting, start here. 

Typically, I’ll invite my students to get into a comfortable position. 

A common meditation position is sitting cross-legged with a tall spine, but if laying down is more comfortable for you, then do that.

Close your eyes or lower your gaze.

Start with simply observing your breath - as it is, without judgment. 

Maybe you place one hand over your heart and another over your belly. Feel the rise and fall of your belly with every inhale and exhale. 

You can stay here for 30 seconds or as long as necessary.

If at any point during this exercise your thoughts drift away, gently return to focus on your breathing.

Inhale through your nose, exhale with an open mouth. There is no rush, breathe at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Repeat this for about 30 seconds or as long as you desire.

If that feels complete, feel free to slowly open your eyes and get back to the rest of your day.

If you would like to transition to a more structured and deeper way of breathing, you can introduce box breathing aka square breathing.

Ensure you are engaged in deep breathing (from the depths of your belly) and not your chest (shallow breathing).

  • Inhale for 4 counts.
  • Hold your breath for 4 counts.
  • Exhale for 4 counts.
  • Hold your breath for 4 counts.

Repeat for 3 more rounds (or more, until you feel relaxed).

When you are ready, resume your regular breathing. Slowly, open your eyes and return to the room.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” - African Proverb

Remember, Mommy Monitor has various services to support you, visit their website here to learn more. You are not alone Mama, you are SUPPORTED.

As always - stay warm, healthy, and be well Mamas.

Nicki Reid, Bilingual BA‍

Certified Transformational Coach | Certified Essential Oil Specialist |

Certified ARōMATOUCH Practitioner | 200 YTT , Wholesome Mind Health Coaching