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Mommy Monitor Incorporated is a social enterprise that offers customized maternal health support and education. We do this in the form of an app, various services/programs, resources, research and a conference to ensure that maternal health is equitable, anti-racist, patient centered and enjoyable for parents and birth workers/health care professionals.
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Motherhood and Mental Health

There’s something I wanna talk to you about today. I’m going to preface what I’m about to share by saying that I know this is not an easy or comfortable topic to discuss, but it is incredibly necessary. There are too many Mamas that are struggling in silence and it’s time for that to stop - today, right now.

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The Power of Sharing Breastfeeding Journeys (Black Breastfeeding Week)

It is important that we normalize and encourage mothers to share their own breastfeeding struggles and triumphs. To that end, and in honour of Black Breastfeeding Week, we spoke with two amazing Black moms from our Youth Subcommittee on their personal breastfeeding journeys.

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Enhancing pre and post natal care tailored to you

  • Direct Care
  • Easily accessible customized maternal health care
  • Personal patient navigation & case management
  • Data collection to track health care from the pre-conception to postnatal periods
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Mommy Monitor MM is maternal health app that organizes customized care to give mothers the type of maternal health services they want and need ❁ mommymonitor.ca